Sleight of Mouth Volume II: How Words Change Worlds

Sleight of Mouth Volume II: How Words Change Worlds
Series: Mind Control
Genre: Psychology
Tag: Mind Control

At the foundation of Sleight of Mouth is the realization that words can create worlds. Language is a pivotal part of how we humans create our maps and models of reality, for better or for worse. Changing the words we use can shift the reality that we perceive, especially when those words relate to core beliefs.

Sleight of Mouth patterns are "verbal reframes" which influence beliefs, and the mental maps from which beliefs have been formed. The word sleight means "crafty," "cunning," "artful" or "dexterous." Sleight of hand, for example, is a type of magic done by close-up card magicians. The verbal patterns of Sleight of Mouth have a similar "magical" quality because they can often create dramatic shifts in perception and the assumptions upon which particular perceptions are based. These same patterns can also be used for verbal trickery.

More than any other time in human history, language is determining our reality. We are constantly bombarded with words and other information through the Internet and social media as well as traditional media channels. All of these sources are subject to things like fake news and "alternative facts," conspiracy theories, "filter bubbles" and "algorithmic editing." It is essential to have ways to know what is valid and helpful and what is potentially deceptive and harmful. This book is about how to do that.

Beliefs have a verbal structure that, when understood, allows them to be evaluated and updated. In this book, Sleight of Mouth creator Robert Dilts provides an in depth presentation of each of the fourteen Sleight of Mouth patterns, including examples of the patterns from well-known historical figures. He also shows how particular combinations of patterns have been applied to produce both individual and social change. Throughout the book, Dilts also identifies "red flags" that indicate potentially limiting beliefs and "thought viruses." The result is a fascinating journey that explores how words can change worlds.

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