16 Maps of Hell

16 Maps of Hell
Series: Mind Control
Genre: Media Analysis

For decades, a shadowy cultural elite has been applying the evolving media technology to shape the global psyche and occupy the landscape of our unconscious. Since the early days of Hollywood, these manufactured narratives have spilled over the edges of the movie screen and into reality. They have slowly stripped us of our sense of meaning and replaced our innate sense of value with “Hollywood” values.


Without recognizing it, we have been seduced into complicity with an empire of imagery, lured into mass infantilization and cultural enthrallment, and afflicted with an as-yet undiagnosed condition of “propaganda-derangement syndrome.”

Fortunately, in our struggle to awaken, features of the nightmare landscape have begun to creep into view. 16 Maps of Hell combines 24 in-depth Hollywood case studies with acute cultural analysis to assemble a holographic lens through which to examine the dark underlayer of the entertainment industry—and its true purpose.

By closely mapping a collectively-assembled social Hell, it offers the means to extract ourselves from the enchantments of a dark and ancient technological sorcery.

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