Covert Hypnosis in Real Life: Secrets Behind the Only NLP Techniques that Truly Work

Covert Hypnosis in Real Life: Secrets Behind the Only NLP Techniques that Truly Work
Series: Mind Control

So many people who were "trained" in NLP are still clueless about what to do.
They know all the techniques, but they don't understand how to use them in a real session.
Or how to influence people in their personal life with it.

This book won't teach everything there is to know about covert hypnosis, it will only give you the missing gap.
The last piece you need to reach the highest level of mastery when hypnotizing people covertly, in your daily life.
These skills will help you to:
Hypnotize people without needing the usual "trance induction"
Use the most advanced covert hypnosis strategies in a simplified way
Improvise at will every time a client is being too "resistant"
Become much more confident and shut down your inner critic
Apply hypnotic language to your own mind without self-hypnosis
Recognize manipulators and never let them control you again
Reverse the frame every time someone tries to manipulate you
Remain calm and assertive when using hypnotic language, even in stressful situations

You will finally see clearly through the massive quantity of NLP techniques out there.
Understand which ones are essential to make people change. And which ones are just optional or even useless.
No matter how resistant, manipulative, or stubborn the people you want to persuade are.

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