The Incubation of Nazism: A Tale of the Extreme Measures Undertaken by Britain to Safeguard Imperial Primacy, 1900-1944

The Incubation of Nazism: A Tale of the Extreme Measures Undertaken by Britain to Safeguard Imperial Primacy, 1900-1944

At the turn of the twentieth century, Britain is prodded to action by the fear of losing her empire to Germany, which has solidified into a full-fledged world power in merely thirty years. British strategists reason that if the Reich, as it continues to spread out eastwards, manages to harness Mother Russia to Germany’s structure, the much-dreaded Russo-German “Eurasian Embrace” would come into being. Such an embrace, through sheer geographical extension and the staggering wealth of resources at its eventual disposal, would have irremediably disabled all strategic anchorages of Britain’s maritime hold on the terrestrial orb.

To prevent such an alliance, Britain resolves to embark upon an extraordinary feat of aggression, which she initiates by besieging the Central Powers in what would be known as the First World War, and overseeing after the capitulation of the Reich the fifteen-year long incubation of Nazism. With the Peace Treaty of Versailles, Britain plants the seed in Germany of a revanchist movement, which could be eventually steered into a final Armageddon with the then nascent Bugaboo of the West —the Soviet Union, — whose emergence is another stealthy exploit of British policy (1917-1922).

The incubation proper is carried out within the institutional confines of the Weimar Republic. Drawing plentiful capital from America and leveraging the financial virtuosity of the Bank of England, to which they delegate the dispensation of shocks and stimuli chiefly aimed at shaping events in Germany, British strategists proceed to revamp German infrastructure during the latter part of the Twenties and afterwards precipitate the crisis to open the way for Nazism.

In view of the forthcoming conflict, Hitler’s regime may then avail itself of British political, economic, and financial support, as well as American weaponry and corporate investment, which is symmetrically complemented by a no less significant supply of Soviet materials. Thereafter, mired in Russian territory and squeezed anew between two fronts, Germany at long last collapses exactly as auspicated in plans hatched in 1919 by the Anglo-American establishment —plans which could not have succeeded without full Soviet complicity.

The Incubation of Nazism is a condensed version of the text originally published as Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America Made the Third Reich and Destroyed Europe (2005, 2023).

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